October 23, 2019

Photo by Josipa Juras on Unsplash

Single Player

Care and Feeding of Champions

There are subtle changes to how champions work this go around. Once a champion looses the “well rested” status, he/she won’t regain well rested until the next day when you log in. You can still use tonics to fully restore the rest METER, but they no longer affect the well rested status.


As mentioned above - tonics now only affect the rest meter and NOT whether or not the champion is well rested or not.


The game is simple - it’s turn based rock paper scissors. Careful not to continue taking risks when your champions are no longer well rested. Once a champion is no longer well rested - reaching 0 rest will result in champion death.


Fullscreen ads have been placed after the first single player round and every 5th round thereafter in one sitting. We want to tone those down - but we want to get a pulse on the server costs vs what we can expect to generate with ads to determine the best frequency.


Adding friends

Currently there is no way to search for other players - but once you have a friend/rivalID of another player (by inviting them to play of course). The ID is a bit shorter but is a bit more complicated.

Ads in Multiplayer

We only display 1 fullscreen ad at the beginning of a multiplayer match.

Multiplayer Battle

There are a few differences between single and multiplayer battle. The main difference is the number of rounds. The match ends after 12 rounds or one champion’s death.


Champion death is permanent. Take calculated risks!