Road Map

April 14, 2019

Photo by John Roberts on Unsplash

Lord Titles (COMPLETE)

We plan on implementing vanity titles along-side title tokens. As you win battles, there will be a random chance for a title token to drop. Once you’ve collected enough title tokens - you can cash it in for the coresponding title. These titles can be browsed and applied from the new titles screen.

Lord Titles improvements

We want to add a simple way to search for titles to make it easier to discover one. We also want to introduce a concept of “title I’m aiming for” so you can slowly work towards collecting tokens for it. To do this - we’ll introduce daily and weekly “quests”. More on those later.

Daily and Weekly Quests

More information to come!

Champion Titles

We are investigating ways to show growth for Champions that have survived a long time without increasing power much if at all. We want it to feel rewarding to invest effort into a champion without making it a requirement to engage in PvP without doing so.


We want to introduce a small amount of items to begin with. It will be important that they don’t complicate the simple game mechanic.

  1. Pendants of Survival. A one time use item that will allow a champion to survive a killing blow. This would be consumed on use.
  2. Potion of Luck. Improve the drop rate of Kings Coins for a short time.
  3. Great Sword. Adds 1 damage. Can be consumed or break.

PvE Tournaments

The current PvE experience can be dull and has no risk involved. Some of the fun of PvP is the risk of loss - adding a tournament mode where you are locked in to a certain set of battles we think might be a simple way to inject a moderate amount of risk into the equation. We are considering an infinite pve tournament mode where you decide to continue to the next stage for a chance at an even better reward but a chance to fail and lose all the gains from the previous rounds.

PvP with no teeth

The current pvp mode is kind of “scary” if you have invested in the champion. We want to convert the current PvP mode into one where death isn’t a consequence. We will reduce the reward for winning as a result.

Increase risk/reward to PvP

We want to introduce a PvP a mode with greater rewards based on how much you’ve invested in the champion you bring to the battle (# of wins is our working metric for testing). This gives you a reason to risk your best champions.

Champion Detail Screen

With the addition of a small set of equipable items, titles, etc… a place to manage that will be needed! This is that place!

Lord Titles Screen

The Lord Titles screen will list all of the titles you can obtain as a Lord. It’s also how you will cash in any title tokens for the respective title.

Lord Detail Screen

Similar to the Champion Detail screen, but lists out all of the titles and achievements and any items not equiped by a champion.

more to come…